ProQuest Central电子期刊数据库

所属学科: 综合
数据类型: 外文数据库,期刊论文,学位论文,其他资源
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ProQuest Central 介绍:
    美国ProQuest公司的前身为成立于1938年的UMIUniversity Microfilms),从1939年开始出版高校的博、硕士论文。时至今日 ProQuest发展为提供研究型高校各种类行的全文资源。ProQuestCentral

ProQuest公司在2009年推出收录最全面的集成数据库。内容包含160种学科刊物、收录刊物达到 17,000多种其中11,700多种提供全文,超过830种报纸全文,超过53,000篇博、硕士论文全文,及5,000多种Business Monitor International出版无滞后的行业报告、公司报告、年报、医学参考书、行业分析报告等等。


工商研究适用MIT Sloan Management Review, Journal of International Business Studies, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Social Science Research Network Working Papers, Ivey, Thunderbird, Idea Group and Darden Business Cases, Dissertations, SWOT analysis


艺术研究适用Art Education, American Artist, Variety, Theatre Journal, American Record, Guide Stone World, Afterimage, and Victorian Studies
文学与语言学适用The Guardian; The New Yorker; The Spectator; Language Arts; Mosaic: a Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature; Canadian Literature; and Research in African Literatures


历史研究适用History Today, The Journal of Military History, Church History, Contemporary Southeast Asia, British Heritage, East European Quarterly, Journal of American History, and Canadian Journal of History


时事新闻The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Globe and Mail, and Financial Times


社科研究Human Relations, Journal of Canadian Studies, The American Behavioral Scientist, Smithsonian, Journal of Popular Culture, Social Forces, Families in Society, New Statesman, and The Weekly Standard


理工科技Chemical Week, Electronic Engineering Times, Mechanical Engineering, Alternatives Journal, Environment, Journal of Climate, Oil & Gas Journal, and Popular Science


医学资源The Lancet, Journal of Nursing Education, American Family Physician, and American Journal of Public Health 和获得 Emmy奖的Medcom视频短片与及循征医学的Medical Evidence Matters